Mosaic-L10N: Distribution Guide

Mosaic-L10N is distributed both source level patch and binaries via anonymous FTP. See the".

Executable Binaries

o Mosaic-2.4-l10n-0.sgi.gz
o Mosaic-2.4-l10n-0.sgi-jp.gz
o Mosaic-2.4-l10n-0.sparc-latin.gz
o Mosaic-2.4-l10n-0.sparc-cjk.gz
o Mosaic-2.4-l10n-0.hp.gz

Source Level Patch

Take this source level patch for the original Mosaic for X (NCSA's original Mosaic is served at here. For people in Japan, there are mirrors).

Apply the patch with

	% patch -p < Mosaic-2.4-l10n-0.patch
(see also FAQ), set up your local Makefile by reading descriptions in Makefile carefully and type
	% make
Note: Rules in Makefiles are changed. You probably fail in applying the patch for Makefiles because of your local configuration. Please be careful.

Sample app-defaults files

With this enhancement, some X resources are also expanded. The following sample app-defaults is available.
o app-defaults.mono
o app-defaults.color
o app-defaults.color-sgi


You may need various fonts for various character sets. You can get them via anonymous FTP. See the We have the following fonts now.

o ISO 8859-1: iso-8859-1.tar.gz (9295 bytes)
o ISO 8859-2: iso-8859-2.tar.gz (8882 bytes)
o ISO 8859-3: iso-8859-3.tar.gz (8664 bytes)
o ISO 8859-4: iso-8859-4.tar.gz (9012 bytes)
o ISO 8859-5: iso-8859-5.tar.gz (9176 bytes)
o ISO 8859-7: iso-8859-7.tar.gz (9028 bytes)
o ISO 8859-8: iso-8859-8.tar.gz (11272 bytes)
o ISO 8859-9: iso-8859-9.tar.gz (9234 bytes)
o KOI-8: koi.tar.gz (22480 bytes)
o Chinese (GB 2312): chinese-gb.tar.gz (957989 bytes)
o Chinese (big5): chinese-big5.tar.gz (1336256 bytes)
o Korean (KSC 5601): korean.tar.gz (827216 bytes)
o Japanese (JIS X 0208): japanese.tar.gz (859802 bytes)
See FAQ for installing fonts.

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