Mosaic-L10N: FAQ


o Can I use both French and Chinese in a single document?
No. This enhancement is never for internationalization but only for switching between various localization. You cannot use two character sets (for example, French and Chinese) in a single document.

o Is there any plan to make internationalization version of Mosaic?
Yes. But the load is long and winding...

o Is Multi-localized Mosaic for Macintosh and/or MS-Windows available?
Not yet. We are now trying to get a license and source codes of those from NCSA. I cannot promise, but I think we are possible to make a multilingual version for MacMosaic/WinMosaic in the near future.


o I am trying to patch, and I am getting this error. What was wrong? % patch -p < ../Mosaic-l10n.patch Hmm... I can't seem to find a patch in there anywhere.
The source level patch file is in the unified-context diff format and pre-2.0.12 (I don't know exactly) patch program cannot understand it. You might want to get the newest version (2.1?) of GNU patch. Try, or your local area mirror sites.

o I have fetched a font file via FTP. What should I do then?
After getting it, you have to install the BDF font according to the requirements of your X server. Mosaic has nothing to do with it. Basically, make a .snf or .pcf using your system's font-compiler, put it somewhere, run a command like `mkfontdir` or your system's equivalent (e.g. `bldfamily` for OpenWindows) in that directory, and and run a command like `xset`. This procedure varies and depends on your system, so please consult with your local X Windows guru. Or see the documentation for your X server for details. See the FAQ for, question 36, for more. You might want to use `xset`, `xlsfonts` and `xfd` to check your work after the font is installed.
[thanks to Bob Sandstrom <>]

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