Introduction to Multi-Localization Enhancement of NCSA Mosaic for X 2.4

This Multi-Localization Enhancement makes use of various national character sets in NCSA Mosaic for X 2.4. You can switch between character sets in one Mosaic.

Currently supported character sets are for Czech, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Turkish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and more... The following is the detailed list of supported character sets.

		Character Set		Encoding
  ...		ISO 8859-1 Latin-1	8-bit
  Czech,...	ISO 8859-2 Latin-2	8-bit
  ...		ISO 8859-3 Latin-3	8-bit
  ...		ISO 8859-4 Latin-4	8-bit
  Cyrillic	ISO 8859-5		8-bit
  Cyrillic	KOI-8			8-bit
  Greek		ISO 8859-7		8-bit
  Hebrew	ISO 8859-8		8-bit
  Turkish	ISO 8859-9 Latin-5	8-bit
  Chinese	GB 2312			GB/HZ encoding
  Chinese	Big5			Big5
  Korean	KSC 5601		EUC,ISO-2022-KR
  Japanese	JIS X 0208 		EUC,ISO-2022-JP

Please check the following examples.
o Sample Pages for Various Character Sets
o Fill-Out Form Example in Various Character Sets
o Radio JAPAN: Broadcasting Information

This enhancement is never for internationalization (i18n) but only for switching between various localization (l10n). So I call this "Multi-Localization" or "L10N". You cannot use two character sets (for example, Latin-1 and Greek) in a single document. Sorry.

We also have a little note on Japanese encoding methods and a related problem. It would be helpful in considering handling multi-byte characters in WWW. Check out here if you have interest.

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TAKADA Toshihiro