Mosaic-L10N: Acknowledgment

First of all, I must apologize to many people for not replying E-mail about a question, comment or answer to my question, because of pressure of work and a mix-up related to my visiting abroad. Sorry...


I am deeply grateful to TimBL, WWW-people at CERN, Marc, Eric and Mosaic-people at NCSA. I love WWW and Mosaic, indeed!

This multi-localization patch is strongly based on Japanese localization patch for xmosaic-1.2 done by Youichi Watanabe <>. I would like to thank Watanabe-san for this work.

I also thank many people giving me answers to my question, bug report, comment and encouragement, especially, the members of infotalk-ML.

And many thanks to WWW-folks at NTT.

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TAKADA Toshihiro